2013 Jobs Action Plan

The Value of Jobs Coalition has released a 2013 update to its 2012 JOBS Action Plan. The 2013 update shows improvement in the plan's economic metrics - an increase in employment and wages - as well as progress on a significant number of policy goals aimed to spur private-sector job creation. The action plan was developed at the coalition's Jobs Summit held in January 2011 and outlines ways to measure and improve private-sector job growth. The action plan will continue to drive policy efforts of the Portland Business Alliance and its Value of Job coalition partners in the 2013 session and beyond.

The 2011 Jobs Summit included 140 public- and private-sector leaders who discussed issues such as education, small business development, tax policy, economic development and other issues that directly impact private-sector job growth. Summit attendees agreed on a new vision for the Portland-metro region: Create a vibrant and prosperous regional economy that generates family-wage jobs and sufficient tax revenues to support critical public services. THe 2011 JOBS Action Plan was developed shortly after the Jobs Summit to provide a guideline for policy work that impacts private-sector job creation.

Since the summit, significant progress has been made on key issues and policies in the 2011 Action Plan and groundwork has been laid to improve the region's educational outcomes, spur economic development initiatives and increase access to capital for small business. A number of key issues critical to private-sector job growth remain, however, including improving educational attainment and state revenue stability and tax reform.

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