The rewards are high if new investments are made. However, the risks are great for the economy and quality of life in Oregon if additional investments are not undertaken soon. Oregon risks erosion of its competitive position in domestic and international markets as the cost to move goods increases due to congestion. This means thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for the Oregon economy.

Understanding both the benefits and potential risks of transportation infrastructure investment is important. This study is intended to provide useful information to the public, the business community and government decision-makers as they work to reach consensus on transportation policy, prioritize projects and make funding decisions.

Business, civic and government leaders should engage in a discussion about transportation system deficiencies in terms of congestion and resiliency. It impacts costs for businesses, job opportunities, business competitiveness and ultimately state revenue used to fund vital public services. It is critical to continue to invest in the transportation system in order to protect and enhance the stateís economy and quality of life.