Significant achievements

Since we launched the Value of Jobs campaign in December of 2010, there have been a number positive steps forward to grow and retain private-sector jobs in the Portland-metro region. Here are a few highlights:

  • Greater Portland Inc. Is formed. Private- and public-sector economic development groups join forces.
  • and Incomes Get the PolItIcal sPotlIGht. Elected leaders and candidates for office are now talking about wages and incomes as an issue in our region.
  • soloPoWer BrInGs joBs. SoloPower Inc, a maker of solar panels, announces new manufacturing facility in North Portlandís Rivergate Industrial District.
  • leGIslature makes educatIon reform haPPen. In 2011, two new laws reform the stateís education system with a focus on accountability, student achievement and the university systemís strength.
  • Venture caPItal Bounces Back. In 2010, the state saw its best year in venture capital funding with $173 million for Oregonian entrepreneurs.
  • neW InternatIonal markets oPen. Congress passed three new trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and, most significantly, South Korea, which opens up markets for Oregonís products and services.
  • unIVersItIes In the reGIon collaBorate. Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University expand their collaboration with a new strategic partnership.
  • major facIlItIes Increase ProductIon. A number of production facilities have grown, adding good family-wage jobs in our region including Daimler Trucks North America, Boeing and Intel.