Report Sources

The data and analysis in this report were compiled by ECONorthwest for the Value of Jobs Coalition which includes the Portland Business Alliance, Associated Oregon Industries, Oregon Business Association, Oregon Business Council, Greater Portland, Inc. and Port of Portland. This report was written by the Portland Business Alliance and reviewed by ECONorthwest.

It is one of a number of studies authored by the Value of Jobs Coalition examining the regionís current and historical economic performance.

The objectives of the report are to identify key factors impacting employment, wages and incomes, highlight areas where the Portland-metro economy under-perform relative to various benchmarks; and continue conversations with public and private leaders to define strategies to spur economic growth. The Value of Jobs Coalition is responsible for the interpretation of the data.

Data in the employment section is drawn from BLS State and Area Employment files, which draws from the Current Employment Statistics survey (aka the establishment survey). To avoid issues of seasonal employment, we present data from August of each year (August is the most recently available data). Detailed description of the data available is online at:

Data in the income section is drawn from two sources. Median and mean household income data come from the American Community Survey 1-year files for 2008 to 2011. Personal income per capita comes from BEA regional data. The previous report used only BEA data thorough 2010. The updated data for 2011 were not available as this report was being written, so this report includes mean and median household income from the ACS for 2011. We note that differences exist in observed income between Census Bureau and BEA data. The differences between median household income and personal income per capita reflect a variety of factors, including growing income inequality, changing demographics, differences in unreported income, and different definitions of income.5

5 Katz, A.J., 2012. ďExplaining Long-term Differences Between Census and BEA Measures of Household Income.Ē Paper presented at 2012 Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology Conference.