Why this matters to the
Portland region

International trade brings a wide variety of benefits to the region: jobs, higher wages and investment. These benefits are distributed across a number of industries, to workers with varying educational backgrounds, and to residents throughout the metro area and across the state. An improving international trade environment will be a critical factor in economic recovery in Oregon and the Portland region. Increased international trade could play a significant role in reversing or at least slowing a loss of jobs from Multnomah County and boosting the regionís lagging wages. Early 2010 export figures show strong growth in trade.

This is a competitive environment. Other states and nations are working hard to advance their international trade sectors. Continued investment in transportation facilities, reduced barriers to the development of industrial land, and supportive state and federal tax and trade policy will ensure the competitiveness of Oregonís trade-based economy and the retention and creation of family-wage, trade dependent jobs. Oregonís leaders, public and private, should focus closely on retaining and expanding policies and practices that support international trade as they strive for job creation and retention. International trade is an important key to a healthy economy, in Oregon and in the Portland-metro region.