2011 Local Government Archive

The Portland region's quality of life depends on the growth of private-sector jobs and good government partners, which is why the Portland Business Alliance has launched a rating system to determine the government entities fostering private-sector job growth and those hindering it.

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City of Portland
Mult. County
Metro Council
Regional economic development Approve financial support for Greater Portland Inc.
Education outcomes Adopt Increment-focused PSU Urban Renewal District
Employment land needs No adverse land use appeals to LUBA/LCDC
Tree ordinance exempts industrial land
Columbia Corridor e-zone overlay accommodates business development
Support UGB actions that accommodate industrial needs
Transportation Infrastructure Support moving forward with Columbia River Crossing
Support regional funding for freight related transportation projects
Maintain truck access on NE 12th Street overpass
Adopt a Central City Transportation Plan that increases economic activity
Business regulation,
taxes and fees
Approve third party oversight of water and sewer rates
Get business community agreement on new transportation Systems Development Charge
Reform the Business License Tax
Small business Support funding for Small Business Advisory Committee programs
Downtown vitality Create and retain jobs in the Central City
Fund Downtown Stewardship Plan
Support downtown livability, including implementation of Sidewalk Management Ordinance: Install Sidewalk Markers
Fund Service Coordination Team and CHIERS/Sobering Station
Create and maintain Central City Drug Impact Areas
Fund programs that prosecute misdemeanor crimes

Means voted against measure to create more private-sector jobs.
Means voted in favor of a bill that would support private-sector job growth or retention.
Means issue is still being reviewed and has not been voted upon.
Means officials have not brought issue forward for a vote.