2012 Local Government

2012 State Government

2011 Local Government
City of Portland
Multnomah County
Metro Council

2011 State Government
Fiscal Health
Job Creation
Land Use
Health Care

The Alliance has selected key public policy actions impacting private-sector job creation. Based on those issues, the Alliance has rated the votes of Portland City Council, Multnomah County, Metro Council and state legislators representing our region. Individual elected officials have also been reviewed.

The Alliance is monitoring those issues through the process and updates to the scorecard are made as votes are taken.

2012 JOBS Scorecard

The Portland region's quality of life depends on the growth of private-sector jobs and good government partners, which is why the Portland Business Alliance has launched a rating system to determine the government entities fostering private-sector job growth and those hindering it.

(Pending items listed below to be completed by the end of 2012.)

City of Portland
Mult. County
Metro Council
Regional economic development Adopt a tax exemption program that assists with workforce housing development
Secure funding for economic development programs
Publish the Metro Region Export Plan
Portland Plan prioritizes the Economic Prosperity action items in the first five years
Education outcomes Adopt Increment-focused PSU Urban Renewal District
Employment land needs No adverse land use appeals to LUBA/LCDC
Columbia Corridor e-zone overlay accommodates business development
Support UGB actions that accommodate industrial needs
Adopt a plan amendment for West Hayden Island that allows for at least 300 acres of industrial development
Implement policy and zoning actions to accommodate an adequate supply of employment land
Work collaboratively with private property owners to manage harbor cleanup and mitigation to a reasonable level
Enact a revised River Plan that protects jobs and economic investment and is supported by harbor industries
Transportation Infrastructure Support regional funding for freight related transportation projects
Adopt a Central City Transportation Plan that increases economic activity
Adopt a Portland Plan that preserves existing freight mobility on all modes of transport
Fund projects designated in the Freight Master Plan and fund maintenance and operations for freight streets
Support ODOT funding strategy for the Columbia River Crossing
Ensure Climate Smart Communities Scenarios policies are not cost prohibitive or reduce capacity for freight and commercial vehicles
Business regulation,
taxes and fees
Approve third party oversight of water and sewer rates
Reform the Business License Tax
Secure an extension with the EPA on covering the city water reservoirs
Oppose moving forward on a citywide public advisory vote to support the rejection of Corporate Personhood
Small business Support funding for small business assistance programs in the FY2012-2013 budget
Support funding for small business assistance programs in the FY2012-2013 budget
Downtown vitality Net increase of jobs in the Central City
Fund Downtown Stewardship Plan in the FY2012-2013 budget
Support downtown livability, including implementation of Sidewalk Management Ordinance
Fund Service Coordination Team and CHIERS/Sobering Station in the FY2012-2013 budget
Create and maintain Central City Drug Impact Areas
Maintain Neighborhood District Attorney Funding for prosecution of misdemeanor crimes in the FY2012-2013 budget
Uphold enforcement of camping ordinance; enact a review sunset date for the resolution that allows overnight sleeping options
Restore parking for retail and visitor parking only in Smart Park Garages in Retail Core
Install Yamhill/Morrison streetscape planters
No new downtown parking meter increases without downtown retail and business community support
Fund Alliance-adopted priorities in central city urban renewal budgets

Means voted against measure to create more private-sector jobs.
Means voted in favor of a bill that would support private-sector job growth or retention.
Means issue is still being reviewed and has not been voted upon.
Means officials have not brought issue forward for a vote.