2011 State Government Archive

During Oregon's Legislative sessions, the Alliance closely monitors how legislators from the Portland region vote on bills that help create private-sector jobs. The Alliance also works in partnership with the state's other business groups on bills moving through the Legislature. Please note that in addition to the bills voted on by the Legislature, there are a number of priorities, critical to private-sector job creation, that never reached the floor in either the Senate or the House.

Fiscal Health Budget Reform (SJR 26)
Innovation Plan (SB 5528)
Tax Reconnect (SB 301)
Job Creation Career & Technical Education (HB 3362)
Business Incentives (SB 219)
Enterprise Zone Extension (HB 3017)
Forest Use (HB 2001)
Business Tax Credits (HB 3672)
Biomass Transportation (HB 2936)
Connect Oregon IV (HB 5036)
Energy Efficient Schools (HB 2960)
ETIC Funding (SB 5532)
Career Readiness Certificate (SB 5508)
Education Oregon University Reform (SB 242)
Education Investment Board (SB 909)
Land Use Access to Highways (SB 264)
Industrial Permitting (SB 766)
Land Use Pilot (SB 792)
Expedited Permits (HB 2700)
DEQ Costs (HB 3591-A)
Health Care Health Exchange (SB 99)

Means bill that would support private-sector job creation passed.
Means bill that would support private-sector job creation failed.
Means issue is still being reviewed and has not been voted upon.
Means officials have not brought issue forward for a vote.
Means official was absent and did not vote.
Means officials was excused and not present for vote.