About the Report

This report examines the current and near-term supply of large industrial sites available to accommodate the expansion of existing employers and recruitment of potential new employers to the Portland-metro region.1 The project was conceived partly in response to Metroís 2009 Urban Growth Report analysis that identified a shortage of large-lot industrial sites in the region and in recognition of the need for a mechanism to replenish large-lot industrial sites as they are developed.

The report was produced by Group Mackenzie in partnership with the Portland Business Alliance, Port of Portland, Business Oregon (an Oregon state agency), NAIOP Oregon Chapter (a commercial real estate development association) and Metro.

1 The Regional Industrial Lands Inventory examined vacant, industrially-zoned or planned lands within the Metro urban growth boundary and selected urban reserves that are suitable for large lot industrial development by new firms moving to the region or to accommodate the growth of existing firms that do not hold land for future expansion. The study identified and documented user-owned sites held for future use but excluded these from the detailed analysis.