The industrial land inventory analysis confirms that Portland-metroís market-ready supply of large-lot industrial lands for targeted traded-sector employer expansion and recruitment is limited, particularly for potential developments that require 50 acres or more.

The sites that are available are concentrated in the Columbia Corridor of Multnomah County and around Hillsboro in Washington County, limiting the potential to more broadly distribute job opportunities within the Portland-metro area.

While this analysis has identified the available sites and, at a high level, outlined the challenges that exist to bringing Tier 2 or 3 sites to shovel-ready status, the timeframes in the analysis assume that the jurisdictions, property owners, land-use regulatory bodies and potential interveners are all working in support of the potential employer and the siteís development.

"Our dwindling inventory of available industrial lands is making it difficult to respond to companies interested in expanding their operations into Oregon. We need to find strategies to make potential sites shovel ready so we can compete, not just for recruitment, but for expansion and retention of the great companies we already have."

Tim McCabe, Director, Business Oregon

The tier designations assume the ďbest caseĒ and do not reflect issues that could significantly delay development such as unidentified wetlands or brownfields, opposition from interest groups, or requests from local jurisdictions for additional planning or design reviews. Any one of these factors could dramatically extend the timeframe for these sites to become market ready.

Future analysis, known as Phase 2 of this study, will look at the costs and benefits of getting these sites ready and what the potential impact of successful recruitments or expansions could be in terms of jobs, incomes and taxes generated and improving the Portland-metro regionís quality of life.